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The Corleone mafia family once was the most powerful and proud-hearted family in the entire world. But flying high-falling low. The dark times have come to the Corleone fami-ly, so of its members start working out a backup plan trans-ferring to the prosperous Tartaglia mafia family. To deserve their trust, they have to complete a dangerous task-steal an evidence tape from the very head of the Corleone family. Now that they've copied the tape, it has to be returned back to the Corleone's lair. It happened on a warm Sunday evening when all the family was at the Church...

You have heard sounds of distant drumming from a dark corner of your new house. The drumming grows louder as you move closer to a mysterious ancient board game...strange carvings on the board say "A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind". You roll the dice to move your token. Strange sounds and mysterious animals appear in every corner! Your next steps determine your fate, Can you escape the jungle that awaits? 

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