Yes we are OPEN!

We have a registered COVID-SAFE plan but please read the

required regulations which we will follow to maintain safety:

-Our staff and our players need to be fully vaccinated and wear a mask.

-The game master will check vaccination status upon entry and have the right    to refuse service if regulations are not met.

-Everyone must sign in using the Service NSW mobile app.

-We are continuing the staggering of all game-starting.

-We may ask you to wait outside  to avoid crowd and meeting with other       people! You will play with your mates only.

-We are running fewer games to maintain extra cleaning after each sessions.

-We will offer full refund due to illness but let us know asap if you need to     cancel.

If you need more information please check the Gov Website
or email us on


We are working hard to ensure the same fun as b4 covid


We look forward to lock you up again!

PaniQ Team.