Wanna be a game master?


We are looking for the following 

team members:

Game Masters.

You are locked up in a room with your friends and you only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles to escape! They only have one hope ...You!

You will need to guide them through in this experience! You will have to brief them before the game than watch and help them through the 60 minutes, the way Big brother does!

PaniQ Room has an excellent opportunity for a motivated and friendly, Game Master, Manager and 2IC to join our team. You will be delivering a high quality customer focussed service.

The ideal candidate for this role should possess the following:

- Excellent communication skills

- Handling a wide range of  Customer Service duties

- Friendly/caring personality

- Motivated and well presented

We are looking for someone enthusiastic, reliable long term as we will be investing to your training and expecting stability and commitment in return.

Please send us your CV to info@paniqroom.com.au


We are always looking for a good addition to our team


We look forward to hear from you!

PaniQ Management.